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OCTOBER 19 – 23, 2022

Proud to be one of the only college dance fairs to respond to the challenges during the health crisis in 2020, Dancewave adapted its coveted professional networking event virtually, providing a web-based platform for its College Fair, high demand auditions, educational panels/workshops, live movement classes and more. 

As we move forward and away from the health crisis, we are excited to be able to come together through a dynamic hybrid event in the fall of 2022 with support from The Radio City Rockettes. Join attendees from across the U.S. and beyond and let our experts launch your college dance journey.

Dancewave is committed to supporting our community by providing equitable access to all. If the DTCB student registration price point proves prohibitive, an option to request financial support will be provided once registration opens.


Supported by the Event Platform Whova 2022 participants will be able to engage and networking via private messaging, community boards, hybrid sessions, and events! More information about Whova to come! 

College Fair

In an effort to support our attendees who will be joining us from all over the world, we will be hosting the college fair through zoom again this year.

However, this year’s college fair will be a little different

The College Fair will be split in 4 time slots of 15 schools each (for a total of 60 colleges and universities).At the top of their designated time slot, colleges will be invited to prepare a 1 minute pitch of their school to the students present.
Once all schools have presented their programs, they will be separated into breakout rooms where students will be invited to join and talk with the college representatives of their choice. Students will be prompted to rotate every 10 minutes for a total duration of 50 minutes.

Additionally students, parents and college representatives will be able to join us in-person at the Networking hour, hosted at Dancewave Center Saturday Oct. 22nd from 6:15pm – 7:30pm.

This will be your opportunity to ask last minute questions, get to know your peers and the college representatives, and get face to face time with everyone.


The Young Dancers Workshop is a rigorous, highly structured, and carefully supervised residential intensive for serious dance students ages 14 to 18.