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DTCB’s biggest attraction!

Our audition provides graduating seniors the opportunity to audition for 25+ top dance programs all at once allowing families to save on travel and audition costs.

Students will have the opportunity to audition either virtually in your preferred space, or in-person in Brooklyn, NY!

Auditionees must be graduating high school senior students in the Fall of 2023 who are eligible to apply for and enter college in Fall 2024.

Underclassmen are not eligible to audition, but are encouraged to join us for all other DTCB events!

Students must complete all audition requirements (see below) to be considered for scholarship and admission opportunities.

Prior to the event, all graduating seniors will be prompted to upload their headshot and resume, according to the following specifications. This will create a Senior or Auditionee Profile for the student to be reviewed by DTCB College Representatives and/or Audition Panelists, depending on eligibility and package chosen.

Students will receive an email when it is time to submit these materials.


Both virtual and in-person students will participate in an hour-long class including a ballet barre, adagio, and modern combination during their live audition. Students will be asked to learn the modern combination prior to the audition day, giving teaching artists and students the opportunity to finetune the details before performing in front of our panelists. Students will select the schools for which they wish to be considered prior to the audition date!

Students should have submitted their headshot and resume online prior to the audition date.


Students will only be required to bring their audition number on audition day. Students will have the opportunity to join us in-person at the Dancewave Center prior to their audition to receive their audition number and to ensure they are audition-ready!

Students may arrive 30 minutes prior to their assigned audition time to check-in and warm-up. Please be respectful as you enter the space as there may be another audition in progress.

At the start of your audition time, you will be taught a ballet barre followed by a center adagio and modern combination.

Both the adagio and modern combinations will be performed in groups of 10. Students may be prompted to showcase improvisation at the end of the audition.


Students will have the opportunity to join us virtually or in-person at the Dancewave Center prior to their audition to check their audition number, check their wifi speed and camera accessibility, warm up and ensure they are audition ready!

Students will log onto Zoom 10 minutes prior to their audition start-time. The teaching artists will be streamed from the Dancewave Center as they guide you through a ballet barre followed by a center adagio and modern combination.

Both the adagio and modern combinations will be performed in spotlight groups of 8. Students may be prompted to showcase improvisation at the end of the audition.

Please log on dressed and ready to dance!

Please note that both the virtual and in-person audition will be recorded so all participating schools can review your audition.

Most schools on the audition panel will accept the DTCB audition for program acceptance decisions and scholarship offers. A very small percentage of program directors may request to see more of certain candidates to help them make a decision.

Please know that submitting your audition assignments is only part of the experience. Dancewave strongly recommends that you actively engage with the Community Board throughout the event, participate in the College Fairs (don’t be shy, ask questions!), and make sure that you represent yourself positively in your profile. Schools are seeking talented dancers for their 2023-2024 season, and DTCB is your opportunity to shine! DTCB’s educational workshops, panels, and dance masterclasses offered during the event are great tools for you to benefit from, whether you choose to audition or not.


Headshot specifications:

Provide a recent digital photo of the Senior/Auditionee from the shoulders up. Must be uploaded in .jpg or .png format; Must be high resolution (minimum 300 ppi; not pixelated or blurry); Dimensions: 816 pixels wide by 1056 pixels high [equivalent to 8.5×11″ page].

Resume specifications:

Maximum 1-page PDF format only, standard letter size 8.5×11″ page. Include your contact information, birthdate, school name, years attended, current grade, GPA, achievements, activities, dance training and performances, etc.

*Students do not need to have already applied to any programs represented on the Auditions Panel to be eligible for scholarship or admissions consideration through DTCB, however, we strongly suggest that you follow up with schools that you are interested in applying to directly.

*Auditionees should expect to hear about program acceptance and scholarship considerations from the DTCB 2023 Audition panel by May 2024 at the latest.

*Acceptance to the dance program is most often separate from the general college/university admissions process. As such, please contact the admissions office directly of any schools you are interested in to receive full detailed application requirements for both the College/University and its Dance Program.

Dancewave is not involved in scholarship or admissions decisions after the event.