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Dancewave Through College and Beyond supports colleges by streamlining their dance program’s recruitment process and allowing access to 30% more prospective student leads and auditionees. College representatives can harness valuable interactions with a diverse group of highly motivated college-bound dance students.

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The College Fair will be split in 4 time slots of 15 schools each (for a total of 60 colleges and universities).

At the top of their designated time slot, colleges will be invited to prepare a 1 minute pitch of their school to the students present.

Once all schools have presented their programs, they will be separated into breakout rooms where students will be invited to join and talk with the college representatives of their choice. Students will be prompted to rotate every 10 minutes for a total duration of 50 minutes.

Don’t want to participate in our College Fair? You can choose our Advertising Only Package that includes a virtual booth on the Whova app.

Our event platform, WHOVA, offers an expanded ability to promote colleges and dance programs through Virtual College Booths.

  • Upload promotional videos, photos, and brochures which will be available to participants from October 2024 through May 2024.
  • Use your customizable virtual booth as an opportunity to spark conversations with families and maximize your advertising potential.
  • Network with students individually through private messaging, community boards, and more!

Dancewave Through College and Beyond will continue to host hybrid auditions in 2024. Participating schools will have access to both live and virtual audition materials.

Please note: To maintain the value of DTCB for both students and colleges, all schools participating in the DTCB Audition Panel should have the ability to accept students into their dance program based on the DTCB audition.


When should I/my college representatives expect to be present, either in person or on Whova?

Depending on the package you have selected as a dance program, your involvement in the event will be different:

  • A Limited Fair program does not necessarily need to be present during the October events. We recommend a college representative check the Whova app regularly leading up to the event and during the event week to make sure they can still connect with students.
  • Basic Fair program (whether in person or virtually) will be assigned a college fair slot and should be present on Whova during the event week and weekend to answer any questions and connect with students. College representatives that will be attending in person will also need to be present at the networking event on Sunday morning. 
  • Audition Panel program will be expected to attend all the same events as the Basic Fair schools. They will also need to be present during the live auditions (virtual schools only need to attend the live virtual auditions.) 
I want to send materials to be included in the tote bags for the DTCB 2023 event. Is that an extra fee? What can I send and by when?

This year, the tote bag insertions are included in the registration. Please send no more than three different types of promo materials. Examples of what you can include are: brochures, one-pagers, pens, pencils, stickers, key chains, water bottles, etc…). Please send all materials by September 10th. 

I’m an Audition Panel program. How will I be able to see all auditionees if I’m attending in-person/virtually?

Depending on how you are participating in DTCB 2023, you will need to attend that version of the live audition (Virtual: Saturday Oct 7th 4:00pm – 8:30pm EST, In-person: Sunday Oct 8th 2:00pm – 7:00pm EST). Approximately a week after the auditions, all audition panel programs will receive the recordings from the auditions. 

Our school purchased an in-person package but we will no longer be able to attend in-person. Can we switch to become a virtual school?

Yes, you can! Please inform dtcb@dancewave.org as soon as possible so we can accommodate your request. Unfortunately, we would not be able to refund the difference in registration fees as all purchases are non-refundable. However, the remaining balance will go towards our Go Beyond Fund which supports young dancers and provides them with tuition free access to this event. 

What are the opportunities to interact and connect with prospective students beyond the Virtual College Fair?

All packages include a Whova Booth which will be the best way to interact with students before the official event start, throughout the event and afterwards. We encourage programs to reach out to prospective students as soon as the Whova App goes live (in August). You’ll be able to interact with them through the discussion board, your personal Whova booth and through the private messaging feature. In-person schools will also have the ability to connect with students during the networking event Sunday morning.