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Modern Virtual Auditions Video Assignment Materials



Taught by Winston Dynamite Brown and Latra Ann Wilson of The DynamitExperience

REQUIRED ATTIRE: Dancers should be barefoot or wear dark-colored socks, depending on their space and comfort level. Dancers are encouraged to wear comfortable pants (solid color, no patterns) and anything else needed to feel safe. 

Important Notes for Recording Your Modern Audition Video

1. Remember what Audition Panelists are looking for:

Panelists will notice how you use gravity and momentum in your movement, as well as your overall connectivity, expansion and ability to move through space (as much as is possible). Give them a sense of who you are as a dance artist. The Improv section is an opportunity to showcase your ability to invent and create.

2. Stretch and warm up fully before you begin recording.

3. Introduce yourself to the Audition Panel at the beginning of your Modern Video, including an (optional) sentence about your dance background or insights.

“Hello, my name is X and this is my DTCB 2021 Modern Audition Video. I’ve been studying Modern for X number of years. I believe X about dance is important because YZ. Thank you for considering me for your college’s dance program and scholarship opportunity.”

4. Record just the first side in a frontal view.

5. Follow Winston/Latra’s instructions and pause for 8 counts before you begin your Improv.

6. To avoid copyright blockages during upload, please copy and paste the following into the Description of your Modern video on Youtube:

For educational purposes only. I do not own the rights to this music.

Music featured: Enoo Napa Remix of “Magic”

Purchase link: https://www.beatport.com/track/magic-enoo-napa-remix/10179883

7. Breathe, relax, and DANCE your fullest!

Modern Audition Video Demonstration

Modern Audition Music Track

Click the three dots on each music track to download to your personal device and use for musical accompaniment with the Modern combination.

Modern Music Track – “Magic” by Enoo Napa Remix