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Editing Instructions


Now that you’ve recorded you Ballet combinations, it’s time to edit them together! By the end of your editing process, you should have a Ballet Video that is no more than 20-25 minutes long, including your introduction and dance clips.
Allow plenty of time in your schedule to edit your Ballet Video combination clips together into a single video file. We recommend leaving at least 3 days as a buffer before your submission deadline to edit your footage.

Your Modern and Optional Third Video should be recorded in a single take, so no editing will be necessary.


  1. Introduction
  2. Pliés, both right and left sides
  3. Tendus from 5th, both right and left sides
  4. Battements Degages, both right and left sides
  5. Fondu/Rond de Jambe, both right and left sides
  6. Frappés, both right and left sides
  7. Grand Battements, both right and left sides 
  8. Adage, both right and left sides
  9. Petit Allegro, both right and left sides

You may use any video editing software you’re comfortable with such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: Auditionees may NOT insert any additional text, footage, effects, or other content into their Audition Videos outside of the original dance recording of the pre-set DTCB Audition material and instructions provided. Doing so may disqualify your Audition Video from Panelists’ consideration.

New to working with video? Not to worry.

You can use OpenShot, a free, beginner-friendly video editing application available for download to Windows or Mac. Click here to download, and check out the helpful tutorial below to help get you started.

OpenShot Video Editing Tutorial highlights:

:00 – 2:05 – Introduction to navigating the program, Importing your clips (in this case, your Ballet combination clips), and Timeline navigation.

9:03-9:40 – Saving and Exporting your project for Youtube.

When you have successfully completed the Editing process, it’s now time to upload to the web!