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Audition Video Assignments


In order to guarantee acceptance and scholarship consideration by College Audition Panelists, Students MUST submit video footage of themselves performing the pre-set DTCB Ballet and Modern combinations.

Students have the OPTION to submit a third video in a style of their choosing. This is the only instance in which dancers may perform choreography outside of the pre-set DTCB combinations. Details are listed below.

The schools loved the curriculum and over 180 students had the opportunity to audition for some of the top dance programs in the country and a good % of students received program acceptance and scholarship offers.  Dancewave decided to repeat again, because it works!

Mandatory Curriculum Outline:

    Barre: Pliés, Tendus, Battements Degages, Fondu/Rond de Jambe, Frappés, Grand Battements
    Center: Adage, Petit Allegro
    Combination and Improvisation

Ready to learn the DTCB Ballet and Modern Audition materials? Click each button below for instruction videos and details:

Optional Third Video:

  • Choose your strongest dance style outside of Ballet and Modern.
  • Some examples include: Hip Hop, Pointe, Salsa, Chinese Dance, Afro-Caribbean, Bollywood, and more!
  • Introduce yourself at the beginning of your video: tell Audition Panelists your name, chosen dance style, and 1-2 sentences about your background in this particular style.
  • Video may be a maximum of 3 minutes long.
  • Video may feature your own choreography/composition, or something you’ve learned from your dance instructor, a guest choreographer, a live or online class, or video.
  • Must be submitted at Audition group registration deadline along with ballet and modern private Youtube video links.