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Student and Parent FAQ

  • What is Dancewave?

Dancewave is a nonprofit dance education organization serving 6,000 youth and adult dancers each year. Founded in 1995, Dancewave offers pre-professional training opportunities to young dancers through its Youth Company Program, Summer Dance Intensives, and more. The 3,600 sq foot Dancewave Center is located at 182 4th Avenue in the heart of the growing Gowanus community in downtown Brooklyn, NY. Visit our website at dancewave.org.

  • The DTCB registration receipt listed my name (the parent). Is my child’s name registered as the student?

Yes! The DTCB student information is registered under the child’s name, not the parent. Depending on how the registration form was filled out the Whova receipt may put the purchaser name (the parent/guardian) as the attendee. Please disregard. The DTCB team will have your child’s information, because the registration requires for you to enter the full name and email address for both the parent/guardian and student. 

  • If my child wants to audition and participate in the fair, should I sign up for both packages?

No, you should only sign up for ONE registration package. Please see the pricing image above to reference. Both student packages include admission access to the fair and online masterclasses this October in the event app. 

  • I understand the event has a no refund policy, but what if I signed up for TWO packages by mistake. I paid $50 total! How can Dancewave help to correct this?

If you registered for the audition package and the basic fair package you already paid the $50 auditionee package in full and will have $0 due at time of submission. For anything else, your $25 will go towards supporting our Brooklyn nonprofit organization, Dancewave. 

  • What is the best way to decide on the DTCB package that is right for my child?

If the student will be a graduating senior this Fall 2021 and would like to pursue a dance degree in college starting in Fall 2022: Purchase the Audition & Fair package ($50)  

  • Pay only $25 when you first register to cover basic fair fee; $25 balance is due by your selected audition submission group’s deadline date. 
  • Admission to the event app beginning on October 1; access to the college fair networking, workshops, panels, and masterclasses. 

If the student is an underclassmen or a graduating senior who does not want to audition: Purchase the Fair Package ($25)

Admission to the event app beginning on October 1; access to the college fair, workshops, panels, and masterclasses. 

  • I am not able to download the Whova app and locate the DTCB event. What should I do?

All event attendees will have access to the DTCB event app beginning October 1. You can download the app at any time but check back on October 1st for access to the DTCB event. The app will expire on January 1, 2022.

  • When will the DTCB 2021 school roster be finalized and published on the event website?

School registration will close on August 31. The final list will be published by Friday, September 3.


  • The DTCB event schedule is based around which time zone? 

The DTCB 2021 event is mostly scheduled based on Eastern Standard Time (ET), but the event app makes it possible to accommodate all attendees nationwide and abroad through the LIVE stream or uploaded video recording at leisure. 

  • When will the finalized schedule be available to review?

The DTCB 2021 schedule will be published by Friday, September 17; 2-weeks before the event app launches. You will receive the digital event program by Friday, September 24. 

  • What is the difference between the pre-event app programming October 8-21 and the special weekend October 22-24? Which dates is my child required to attend?

Dancewave strongly recommends for all registered students and parents to check out everything that DTCB has to offer beginning October 8 in the app. Dancewave is giving you the freedom to build a schedule that works best for YOU and your family. Please see below for important event dates: 

  • October 1: Time to access the event app, build your Whova profile (1 for the student and 1 for the parent/guardian), start studying the college/university virtual booth information and begin to engage with schools and other attendees in the Community Board feature in the app. 
  • October 8: Dancewave will be available to answer any event questions you may have through an instructional video and LIVE chat in the app. This is a great opportunity to make sure that you’re ready to engage with college representatives, alumni and other participants! 
  • October 12-21: Attend up to 60 LIVE 30-minute college fair presentations, and ask questions to college representatives real-time in the chat. 
  • Friday, October 22 at 5:30pm ET: LIVE Orientation (Attendance required)
    • Dancewave will provide essential information to facilitate the best event experience possible, breaking down the weekend schedule and offering post-event networking tips. 
  • October 22-24: Special event weekend hosted by Dancewave - get ready to enjoy LIVE masterclasses, parent and student workshops, panel discussions, regroups, and more.
    • College Showcase featurette released to watch at your convenience! 
    • College fair presentation recordings will be uploaded to the app to review at leisure beginning October 22.

January 1, 2022 - access to DTCB 2021 via the event app closes

Dancewave has partnered with the fabulous event app, Whova, for this year’s virtual event! Experience the opportunity to network with some of the top dance programs in the world as early as October 1, 2021. Get creative and have fun with DTCB! *To learn more about app features preview the user guide HERE

The fair networking experience begins on October 1. Visit different school booths at your leisure. 

  • I would like to attend the event from my computer. What is the DTCB 2021 event app website address?

To be prepared to access the event app beginning October 1, please copy and paste the website address below and save it as a bookmark on your browser now. 


  • Are registered DTCB schools only from the East Coast?

No! DTCB officially became an international dance college fair in 2019! You will have the opportunity to connect with schools from across the United States and United Kingdom. The LIVE 30-minute college fair Q&A session schedule (streaming from October 12-21) will cater to the various time zones for our school partners and YOU! 

  • I would like to attend as many LIVE 30-minute college fair Q&A sessions as I can with my child October 12- 21. When will we know the assigned dates and times for registered schools?

The DTCB 2021 schedule will be published by Friday, September 17; 2-weeks before the event app launches. It will include the assigned dates and times for each college/university’s LIVE 30-minute college fair Q&A sessions. You are welcome to adjust your schedule to attend all fairs or only schools of interest. You will also be able to add event programming sessions to your event app profile agenda beginning October 1. 

  • I know the finalized schedule will be provided in September, but can you give me an idea of when the 30-minute LIVE college fair Q&A sessions will be held? Is attendance required?

School registration will end on August 31. The college fair 30-minute Q&A sessions will be streaming LIVE October 12-21. Attendance and participation in the Q&A are strongly encouraged, but not required. Fair recordings will be uploaded to the app by October 22. 

30-minute college fair weekday time slots: (all times ET)

5:30pm, 6:05pm 6:40pm, 7:15pm, and 7:50pm 

30-minute college fair Saturday time slots: (all times ET)

9:00am, 9:35am, 10:10am, 10:45pm, 11:20pm, 1:00pm, 1:35pm, 2:10pm, 2:45pm, and 3:20pm

30-minute college fair Sunday time slots: (all times ET)

9:00am, 9:35am, 10:10am, 10:45am, 11:20am, 1:00pm, 1:35pm, 2:10pm, 2:45pm and 3:20pm 

5:30pm, 6:05pm 6:40pm, 7:15pm, and 7:50pm 

  • What should graduating seniors do to network with the Colleges/Universities in the app?

DTCB is the only event of its kind to provide networking, college admissions and scholarship auditions in one event! As a graduating senior, DTCB provides an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about individual programs, meet college faculty and get all of your questions answered in order to help you make the best decision for your future. Dancewave strongly recommends that you actively engage with the Community Board throughout the event, participate in the College Fairs (don’t be shy, ask questions!), and make sure that you represent yourself positively in your profile. Schools are seeking talented dancers for their 2022-2023 season, and DTCB is your opportunity to shine! Be sure to upload your most recent resume and fill out the job application form provided in the virtual school booths. The Whova event app will also grant you the option to make your resume public to all DTCB 2021 schools or to remain private.  

Each school will notify you about the application requirements and type of characteristics they are seeking in a prospective student. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to apply to the college/university itself before DTCB’s event app opens on October 1. Note that all colleges and universities will require general admission in order to guarantee admission to the respective school/department. 

  • What should underclassmen do to network with the colleges/universities in the app?

Underclassmen are strongly encouraged to attend as many LIVE 30-minute college fair Q&A sessions possible between October 12-21 and actively participate in the Community Board school discussions beginning October 1. 

*To help the colleges navigate through hundreds of “job” submissions through their virtual booth in the app, underclassmen must not request additional information from schools of interest until October 25. 

Graduating seniors will be contacting schools of interest October 1-24. It will be easier for colleges and universities to filter through submissions if underclassmen submit their information after the main event. Please know, your interest in their dance program will be taken seriously and the schools admissions office will send promotional materials via email or postage mailing. 

  • Is the DTCB booth “job” application equivalent to the application on the college/university websites?

No! Dancewave is not associated with any of the school’s admissions departments. Our job is to create the platform for you to connect directly with decision makers and to have the guarantee to be seen and heard by decision makers for some of the top dance programs in the world. DTCB 2021 seniors must complete each college/university's application instructions on their websites separately

*Auditionees only need to complete the basic application on the school’s website to qualify for the DTCB audition. Unless advised otherwise by a school on the audition panel at a later date, the auditionee will not need to attend the school’s audition on campus or audition separately online. 

  • Why is it important to contact the schools?
    Colleges/Universities LOVE to learn who is interested in their program out of hundreds of DTCB attendees. The colleges will send all attendees interested in their program additional information via email or postage mail.


  • Do you have to register first before you get the audition information?

This FAQ document will answer the majority of your questions about the audition. To receive more detailed information, you will need to first register for the DTCB event at DTCB.Dancewave.org and click the link in the confirmation email to sign-up for ONE of FIVE video submission groups. 

Once assigned to a group, you will receive a welcome letter and list of tips to help you prepare for the audition process. Instructions will be sent to you the evening before your designated group begins its 2-week submission period. Read the answer to #4 to learn more. 

  •  How many audition spots are available?
    Up to 200 auditionee slots are available. The dancer will not be finalized as a DTCB 2021 auditionee until Dancewave receives his or her video submission links, headshot, resume, and $25 audition fee balance. 
  • What are the virtual audition requirements and what are the deadlines?
    The DTCB Audition process consists of learning, recording, and submitting a required ballet and modern video assignment within the pre-scheduled 2-week submission group period. Dancers may also submit an option third video featuring any dance style of their choice. 
  • Is registration still open to sign up for a video submission group? How are the audition group dates scheduled?
    The DTCB 2021 audition package will close as soon as DTCB 2021 reaches 200 submitted auditionees

There are 5 video submission audition groups scheduled within 2-week time frames. Registered auditionees must sign up for a group no later than August 31. See below for more details.


  • 2 days before: group sign-up will close at 11:59pm Eastern Time
  • The night before: video assignment and password provided by 6:00pm Eastern Time
  • The first date: 2-week submission period begins 
  • The last date: Materials and payment balance due by 11:59pm Eastern Time (auditionees are welcome to submit their materials before the deadline date)

GROUP 1: July 8 -22 

GROUP 2: July 22nd - August 5th 

GROUP 3: August 5th - 19th

GROUP 4: August 19th - September 2nd 

GROUP 5: September 2nd - 16th

  • After I submit my audition materials, am I required to attend the fair and other event programming in October?

Yes! Submitting your audition assignments is only 50% of the experience. To make yourself known to the schools you must engage as much as possible in the event app from October 1-24. Dancewave will also offer educational workshops, panels, and dance masterclasses from October 22-24 for attendees to benefit from.  

  •  Will my DTCB audition be accepted by all schools on the panel for program acceptance and scholarship offers or will I have to audition twice?

The DTCB audition has always saved families around the world vast amounts of money in travel expenses, because graduating seniors have the unique opportunity to audition for 25+ top college dance programs worldwide at once. Most schools on the audition panel will accept the DTCB audition for program acceptance decisions and scholarship offers. A very small percentage of program directors may request to see more of certain candidates to help them make a decision. Dancewave will provide auditionees with panel requirements by September 17.

  • When will I know if I have been accepted? If I haven’t heard from the schools should I follow up with Dancewave?

Danceave is not involved in the decision making process and should not be contacted about the status of your college dance program acceptance and scholarship considerations. You will be provided with a spreadsheet filled with in-depth details about each program’s requirements, scholarship opportunities, and contact information on the panel by September 17. 

*Auditionees should expect to hear about program acceptance and scholarship considerations from the DTCB 2021 Audition panel by May 2022 at the latest.

  • When can I start following up with the schools if I haven’t heard anything in a while?

The schools have up to 200 auditionee profiles to review. Your name, headshot, resume, and video submissions are guaranteed to get in front of the eyes of dance decision makers, but you must remain patient. Auditionees must grant the schools at least six weeks to review the auditionee database. If you decide to follow up with the schools about the status of your submission before May 2022 or the programs’ anticipated announcement month (published for auditionees by September 17) you must wait until Monday, November 15. 

  • How will the panel receive my audition submission?
    Dancewave will provide the panel your auditionee #, video submissions, headshot, resume, and detailed contact information in a password-protect auditionee database. For security reasons this site will only be accessible to the registered audition panel. The schools will receive the finalized auditionee information on September 30.  
  • What will my experience be in the event app beginning October 1 as an auditionee? 
  • September 17: You will receive your auditionee #, finalize event schedule, detailed audition panel information spreadsheet, and instructions on how to build your auditionee profile in the app
  • October 1: Receive access to the app to build your profile (auditionee # must be included in profile label along with your name), study virtual college booth information, and submit “job” applications to schools of interest on and off the panel by filling out the form provided and uploading resume