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Recording Instructions


You’ve learned the combinations, now it’s time to record your audition. Colleges will be using these videos to make their acceptance and scholarship decisions so MAKE IT COUNT!

Before recording, make sure you have carefully read through the instructions below, fully mastered the Audition Video Assignment Materials, prepared a safe dance space, and warmed up your body to dance.

For in-depth information on video requirements, visit the Ballet and Modern Audition Video Assignment Pages.


  1. Find a safe, spacious area with good lighting to record. Please choose a calm indoor setting, ideally with a simple background (no mirrors behind you while dancing).
  2. Find and test your camera equipment to ensure best possible recording quality. You may use your smartphone, a webcam, computer or video camera – whatever you have available that will produce the highest possible image quality. HD quality is highly recommended. If using an iPhone, navigate to your Camera Recordings Settings and change your recording speed to 4k 24 fps per second.
  3. Find and test a sound system to play the music while you record. Video recording must include live sound of the accompanying tracks, so that Panelists may rate your musicality.
  4. Ensure that your body is framed so that your movement is visible throughout the recording, without getting cut off at any point. Please note, recruiters are looking to review the barre ballet assignment with the student facing the directions at the barre as instructed.
    TIP: Try a test run while doing the movement in full, and adjust your space or movement as needed.
  5. If using your smartphone, please set it to Airplane Mode. This avoids any possible notifications interrupting your recording.
  6. Check to make sure your camera lens is clean, or wipe gently with a soft cloth, if necessary.
  7. Lighting: Film your testimonial indoors with a diffused light source facing you so that your face is visible and well lit. Ensure there is no light source behind you or facing the camera, as this will make your image silhouetted and difficult to see.
  8. Record your video in landscape mode (if using a phone, set it up horizontally).
  9. Secure your camera in a location where it can remain stable while you are dancing and keeps all of your movement within the frame. You may need to use a tripod, furniture, or straps. Avoid having another person hold your phone to record your testimonial, but if necessary make sure they have a stable grip! We want your video to be as stable and clear as possible.
  10. Record an introduction of yourself at the beginning of your Ballet and Modern video recording sessions before you begin dancing.
NOTE: Each combination must be recorded as a single, continuous clip – no editing multiple takes together within one combination. You may record as many different takes as you like and choose the best one.