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Event Access

Virtual Event Orientation


College Fair Panels

Simulating an in-person event experience, DTCB Virtual College Fair Panels gives you the chance to interact with College Fair Representatives and get details about each program. Questions will be facilitated during group Q&A, live polls and breakout sessions with each school.

Peer-to-Peer Panels

Peer-to-Peer Panels give students the chance to hear from current students and alumni from our participating schools. Hear about their impressions of the dance program’s culture, campus life, and the little details you might not have thought to ask about.

College Admissions & Financial Aid
Study Videos & Live Q&A Panels

Refer to your study videos and notes to prep your questions for our Admissions & Financial Aid Panelists:

Financial Aid Tips
with Adrienne King

College Admissions Process
with Barrie Raffel &
Suzanne Jeffrey

BA, BFA, What’s the Difference?
with Carol Walker

Careers in Dance Panel

  • What happens when you go out into the real world with a degree in dance? Working professionals on DTCB’s Careers in Dance Panel will lend trade secrets, insights to manage your career plans, and inspiration to pursue dance along with a wide variety of other fields.
  • Weekend 1 Panelists:
    • Sarah Horne Co-Founder, Role Call Prep: College Admissions for Dancers
    • Madeline Schrock Senior Managing Editor at Dance Media
  • Weekend 2 Panelists:
    • Julia K. Gleich Independent Choreographer and Peridance Center Faculty
    • Winston Dynamite Brown Co-Artistic Director – The DynamitExperience

College & Beyond: Build Your 5-Year Portfolio Workshop

  • How can dancers take advantage of their college years to build the bridge to their future careers? In this two-part workshop led by Patch Schwadron, students will clarify strategies for thinking about and taking actions to build skills and resilience as dance makers and thinkers.
  • Week 1 will focus on tasks and goals during COVID, Freshman and Sophomore years.
  • Download Patch’s Portfolio Workshop Prep PDF and have a Word Processing document open on your computer to take notes.

Thank you for joining us and for your part in making our virtual DTCB 2020 event a success!

The Dancewave DTCB team wishes you luck, love and encouragement in your college journey ahead.